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Dear reader

Welcome to the 'FDFA interactive' blog.

Here you can regularly find articles, notes, posts, reflections and guest opinions. This new platform uses text, sound, images and video to tell you the stories of the people carrying out the day-to-day activities of the FDFA in Switzerland and around the world. Using the richness of multimedia helps us to relate our activities in a more accurate and authentic way. And it gives you a voice, which is so important. From now on you can comment on our articles, write down your impressions, ask a question directly to the head of the FDFA and exchange information easily with other people using the internet.


Our rules are designed to encourage you to apply some principles when posting comments:

Your opinion is important to us

Do you have an opinion about something? That is great – we want to hear about it. Help other users to understand exactly what you think. Be clear in what you say. And keep it short.

Don't get personal

When you post a comment it should only refer to the relevant article or the subject under discussion and not to the actual author. Personal attacks against other users or social groups, insults and discrimination based on religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age or gender, for example, are strictly prohibited. The same applies to slander, statements which are defamatory or commercially detrimental, and the publication of personal data of third parties. Please also consider carefully what personal information you include in any comment you post.

Discussion is welcomed – but abide by the rules

Be as polite to others on the internet as you would otherwise be. A discussion thrives on different viewpoints being expressed, but please remain courteous to others. Pay attention to the tone you use, remain objective in critical situations and ignore any provocation by other users or 'trolls' – people who try to disrupt communication with their statements.

Anonymous posts are not desired

We want discussions to remain on an equal level and ask you to use your real name when visiting our site: we believe in doing so your opinion carries more weight. We reserve the right to block or delete anonymous accounts.

Making yourself clear

The intelligibility of your comment depends on the readability of what you write. Structure your statement by paragraphs, take care with your choice of words and do a spell check where appropriate. N.B.: Avoid continuous use of block capitals. This can be perceived as 'shouting' and might come across as somewhat aggressive to other users.

Posts are not advertising slots

Do not include advertisements for your blog or website in your comments. Similarly, commercial content from other providers and advertising in general should not appear in the discussion thread.

What about quotations? By all means. But get it right.

Credit quotations with the correct source. Remember: quotations should be used to back up your argument, not as a replacement for your own opinion.

Respect copyright

If you want to include third-party content, respect any copyright restrictions. Is the content actually free for distribution and publication? Please avoid publishing links in your posts. We reserve the right to edit posts with links or not to publish them.

How we moderate

Posts are moderated by the blog editor. This means that posts to our blog are not immediately published online, but must first be cleared. There is no automatic right to publication. We reserve the right not to publish posts that contain insulting or inappropriate comments or which otherwise fail to comply with our 'netiquette' principles. When only certain parts of a post break our rules, we will remove only those parts of the text. We indicate in the post each time where we have done this. We also reserve the right to temporarily suspend publication when we receive a high number of posts which require editing.